We are engaged in professional machine embroidery since 2000.

Having a great experience working with large companies and private individuals, we offer machine embroidery digitizing of different levels: from simple logos, texts and ornaments to the most complex multicolor composition, portraits, coats of arms and so on. I would like to draw the attention that we do not use the automatic mode of programming, which is now available to create portraits of "one click". We can seriously work on the preparation of the layout to "lay a hand stitches" to save the portrait similarity.

We believe the biggest advantage of the opportunity to test established embroidery designs on our own industrial equipment Japanese firm Tajima, so our customers receive the work of quality that we have a responsibility in this regard, significantly reduces the need for correction of deficiencies.

Knowing the intricacies of machine embroidery, we are creating the program, taking into account the needs of the customer.
There are many factors affecting the parameters lay with the digitization of drawings under the embroidery - and the properties of this material, and the product (eg, caps and T-shirt program, one image will be different), and the appointment, that is an exclusive product in a single instance where You can sacrifice the practical for the aesthetics, or for
production run, where, for example, are not superfluous trim, whose process of embroidery, and it may entail remove threads of the needle, respectively, stopping all multi-head machine. And much more should be taken into account when writing a program.